Mailing and Printing and Timelines, Oh My!

Posted By Ashley Harding | 8.5.13


Anyone who’s worked with Ace Creative knows that we are schedule people. Our clients often depend on a piece hitting their audiences mailboxes on a certain date and we take these deadlines seriously. When working on a printed piece we not only have to ensure we’ve scheduled the appropriate time for our own workload and... Read More >>

The Almighty Creative Brief

Posted By Ashley Harding | 6.19.13


[email_this_button] Have you ever had that experience where you thought you told someone exactly what was on your mind only to find out that they received an entirely different message? In your personal life this can be very frustrating, and in the often-subjective world of visual communication, miscommunication is a recipe for disaster. In comes... Read More >>

How to Choose a Printer, Part I

Posted By Ashley Harding | 4.16.13


[email_this_button] Even for a seasoned professional, choosing a print vendor can be dizzying. There are so many types of printing methods, presses, and different types of vendors. The type of project (book, newsletter, business card, apparel); the size; the number of inks; the customer service offered; and even the printer’s physical location, will determine which... Read More >>

Got a Problem?

Posted By Ashley Harding | 3.26.13


[email_this_button] It seems solving problems these days has been boiled down to a cookie cutter process: what can you buy to fix or cover up the problem? We have a dizzying array of choices, and in our present consumer culture we are conditioned to buy, buy, buy, instead of think. While this can be a... Read More >>

The 3D Printing Revolution

Posted By Ashley Harding | 3.10.13


[email_this_button] What I’m about to tell you may sound like science fiction, but it’s real. Think it’s annoying to have to run to the store to get that tiny hook to hang that piece of art? Or do you keep finding yourself without a wrench because you forget to go to the hardware store and... Read More >>

Ace Creative is Certified as a Sustainble Business Leader

Posted By Ashley Harding | 3.6.13


[email_this_button] Medford, Massachusetts—March 5, 2013Ace Creative was certified by the Sustainable Business Network of Massachusetts (SBN) as a Sustainable Business Leader having successfully completed SBN’s comprehensive Sustainable Business Leader Program (SBLP), a hands-on, technical assistance and certification program that helps small- and medium-sized businesses green their operations and practices and get certified... Read More >>

Design Using an Established Brand Identity

Posted By Ashley Harding | 2.25.13


[email_this_button] As much as we love creating new brand identities for our clients, whether for an event, a campaign or an entire organization, much of what we do also involves designing pieces that follow an already-established brand identity (which we may or may not have originally created). And there have been times that we’ve seen... Read More >>

Ace Creative’s Year in Review

Posted By Ashley Harding | 12.19.12


[email_this_button] When I graduated from RISD in 2000, the largest recruiters for new jobs were Martha Stewart (their design is so very RISD) and Reebok. As much as I love leafing through the latest edition of Martha Stewart Living to get cool ideas for Halloween craft activities to do with my son, I knew this... Read More >>

Ace Creative Wins Medford Green Award

Posted By Ashley Harding | 12.18.12


[email_this_button] On Saturday October 13 at the Harvest Your Energy Festival, Ace Creative, along with 8 other area businesses, was presented with a Medford Green Award for our commitment to sustainability. The awards were presented by Medford Mayor Michael McGlynn and Tufts’ president Anthony Monaco at the base of “Windy,” Medford’s municipal-scale... Read More >>

Volunteer Day 1: ReVision Urban Farm

Posted By Ashley Harding | 12.17.12


[email_this_button] Looking for a great place to volunteer where you know you’re helping an awesome organization? Try ReVision Farm in Dorchester. This urban farm grew out of a homeless women’s shelter where the residents started gardening to have access to fresh produce. Now the farm has three buildings, a garden on a three... Read More >>

Sustainabile Printing: It’s All About PIE

Posted By Ashley Harding | 12.7.12


[email_this_button] Sustainable printing is a complicated topic and there is a lot of conflicting information from organizations with an interest in convincing you which choices are good or bad for the environment. Businesses protect their profits, and non-profits and government agencies must make their case or lose funding. So both the environment, and the profits... Read More >>