Tufts Summer Session Brand Collateral

The Summer Session at Tufts is a unique time for existing students and high-achieving high school students to get a jump on their studies. Our brand visuals included a stunning square brochure intended to get the attention of parents and students alike as well as posters and media ads. The brand has been very well received by the intended target audiences. Upon launch of the new brand in 2012 the Summer Session set a new record high for registrants.

Client: Tufts University Publications

Lisa Gregory, Director of Marketing and Communications, Tufts University:

“Ace Creative is a trusted partner of Tufts. Their design is outstanding, it’s a pleasure working with the team—and they never drop the ball. Our most recent collaboration resulted in stellar concepts and materials for our inauguration. I also refer clients to Ace Creative with complete confidence. I can’t recommend Ace Creative highly enough.”