GLSEN Infographic Poster

GLSEN (Gay Lesbian Straight Education Network) is a New York-based organization focused on making schools safer for all kids. Ace creative supports GLSEN creating a large volume of work year-round including all brand visuals, sub-branding, shareable graphics, event collateral, research reports, signage, posters, and much more. This infographic poster shows the findings from the National School Climate Survey, a leading national report about the experiences of LGBT youth in schools.

Client: GLSEN

Juan Martinez, Chief Communications and Advocacy Officer, Gay, Lesbian & Straight Education Network:

“I had the great pleasure to work with Ace over 10 years ago at a different organization. When it came time to revitalize the GLSEN brand and take our creative in a new direction, Ace was the first place I called. Our creative is fresh, energetic and has taken us to a new level in our marketing and brand efforts. Ashley and her talented team are invaluable partners in our work to make schools safe and affirming for all youth.”