The Eliot School Catalog System

These catalogs are the primary brand identifier for the Eliot School, a wonderful community arts nonprofit located in a seventeenth-century school house in Jamaica Plain, MA. The balance of clean typography, rich photography, and design elements that reference the hand-made, all work together to create a user-friendly catalog system that has had tremendous impact for the growth of the school. The catalogs are part of a larger brand identity system.

Client: The Eliot School

Abigail Norman, Director, The Eliot School of Fine and Applied Arts:

“We hired Ace Creative to bring visibility to The Eliot School. We wanted to show our old-fashioned roots in hand crafts and our warm sense of community, but also our 21st century energy and creativity. As soon as they redesigned our print materials, we saw an amazing jump in recognition and interest, with a 40 percent increase in tuition and contract income in the first year and 20 percent more in the second. Most recently they have designed a beautiful and easy-to-update website that reinforces our brand. They’re quick, responsive, and personable. We’re lucky to have found them.”