Ace Creative is committed to sustainability. That word gets thrown around a lot, but here’s what it means to us: We strive to be a business that practices responsible client choice, responsible green printing practices, and gives back to the community.

Carefully chosen clients

Our tagline says it all—design for knowledge. We work with institutions and organizations that are doing work for good, whether it is education, activism, the arts, or human services. We want to contribute something positive to the world through design.

Responsible office policies and practices

We have been certified as a Sustainable Business Leader by the Sustainable Business Network of Massachusetts. This involved an extensive survey of our studio and practices and completion of  30 action-items (which included everything from adding additional insulation to installing low-flow faucet adapters to buying ink, toner, and office supplies from a local company).

Green printing practices

Because we design and produce a large quantity of paper-based collateral we have put significant resources into ensuring that we produce our client’s printed pieces with attention to environmental impact. We have surveyed our print vendors to find out about their environmental aims and practices. We also request print quote options for all our projects on post-consumer waste recycled paper.

Giving back to the community

Ace Creative strives to have one pro bono or deeply-discounted project going at all times. This has given us the opportunity to work with some amazing organizations such as: Facing Cancer Together; S.A.S.Y. (Stop Animal Suffering Yes!); and Circle the Square (a local community festival).

We’ve also helped many local businesses get off the ground by offering discounted rates and giving them brand visuals they can feel proud of. Check out our identity work for Simply Erinn’s, Coast Café, and Sweet Melissa’s to name a few.

We stay connected to the community by participating in youth arts programs and mentoring. Ashley has been a Cambridge Schools volunteer teaching digital imaging at Cambridge Rindge and Latin High School; a mentor for the D.I.Y.D.S (Do it Your Damn Self) Youth Film Festival; and has done one-on-one mentoring at Winchester High School with students aspiring to be graphic designers.