Ukrainian Research Institute at Harvard University (HURI): Publications Catalog


Project Management/Print Production
/Publication Design/Catalog Design


The Ukrainian Research Institute at Harvard University (HURI) forms a vital component of the University’s vibrant international studies community. Their catalog was in need of a complete overhaul to reflect rich and vibrant publications program that distributes its titles through Harvard University Press and publishes the Harvard Ukrainian Studies journal.

Ace Creative designed a sophisticated and modern layout using art from the institute’s publications. The template is beautiful but flexible to accommodate changing content for each annual book catalog.

Our conference went really, really well and hundreds of people were very much impressed with the catalog (we ran out of the copies we took with us to the conference). Several people who are known for good taste congratulated me on the catalog, and so we’re extremely happy with what you were able to do, especially given the tight deadlines! Thank you again!

Oleh Kotsyuba, Director of Marketing
Ukrainian Research Institute Harvard University